Friday, 12 May 2017

Skills Every Public Relations Expert Should Possess

To be successful does not mean only to have a pile of degrees; it is in wider sense means to be able to apply that basic education in your daily life. To be successful, you have to offer a wide range of skills not mere education degrees. Most of the people feel Public Relation is just a simple profession and you don’t have to do much of anything to be in a PR company, but there are certain skills that potential employers particularly look- for in candidates for Public Relations Expert positions.
More than any other skill, communication is one you will use every day when working in this field. You must be able to communicate your thoughts with absolute clarity and at the same time, be an excellent listener. As a Public Relations Expert, you also need to be socially aware of what and how all is happening while communicating. It’s important that you’re able to pick up on the slightest change in tone or sentiment during a conversation. Also, you cannot let your own emotions color your message.
2. WRITING skill
Along with the outstanding communication skills, you ought to have the capability to write attractive content. A sound knowledge of grammar and awareness of detail will make an enormous difference in your writing. You should be able to write on- the- spot press releases and articles. Blog writing is another great way to show your capability in script and general consciousness.
3. awareness OF SOCIAL MEDIA

Social media has redefined communication between Public Expert and their audience. Having a strong understanding of social media does not mean that you know how to like a friend’s Face book post or regularly post status updates on your wall. It means that you possess knowledge about how to use social media to manage a potential clients needs, that you understand the primary differences between individual social media platforms, and that you know how to use those social media platforms as tools for communicating with the public.

Multimedia skills play a huge part in presenting online content. As a Public Relations Expert, it is important that you have at least a basic knowledge of how to control various types of media. You may not be a blogger, but familiarity with where and how to post a blog is greatly beneficial. Additionally, having a basic knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO), Photoshop, YouTube will make you more attractive as a potential hire.
Creativity is not just for artists; Public Relations Experts are called upon to be creative all the time. Whether by writing, coming up with a new approach to an old idea, or finding a way to attract new customers, PR professionals are regularly required to be creative. If you can think outside the box and come up with ideas that others haven’t, you’ll be better able to make your clients happy. Creativity is the key to success in this industry.
Over the next few years, it is probable that there will be employment growth for the career of  Public Relations,  and those who possess these key skills will be in the best position to reap the rewards.

 The author of this opinion article is Ms. Sukirti Gupta at PR Professionals

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

10 PR Trends to Watch Out for in 2017

We are already into 2017 and as always, the New Year brings forth new hopes and expectations. Every industry evolves with time and the Public Relations sector is no exception. The year 2016 saw PR being elevated to a higher plane following several corporate mishaps. Amidst the American presidential election, the citizens were constantly bombarded with messages through variety of communication channels. Whatever be its repercussions, one thing is certain: PR sector is poised for immense growth. Here are top trends to watch out for in 2017:

1. PR is no more Synonymous with Press Release

 Gone are those days when the traditional press release was the best way to get stories published.  Now with the proliferation of online media and news travelling  as fast as light, it is faster to just pitch stories to journalists and get them published on online forums. You can even start your own blogs and publish stories and share it on social media. Not only will it save you from prying eyes of Google for duplicate content, it will also give you added visibility. 

2. Thought Leadership and Personal Branding is Key

One of the ways to get quick dividends in Public Relations is to position yourself as a thought leader. Not only does it grab the audience’s attention, it also builds trust.  You can do so by publishing articles and opinion pieces in prominent newspapers and social media sites.

3. PR Relying on Non -Traditional Content Amplification

Content will rule the roost in 2017. Though social media will remain as the main channel to disseminate content, paid promotion on social media websites such as sponsored posts on LinkedIn and Google Adwords will be instant hit.

4. Data Driven PR is Buzzword

PR no longer remains confined to story-telling. Since various ways to collect data are available, it is prudent to include it in your day- to -day life. For example: one can determine the best time to post content on the social website or identify which kind of content is more popular.

5. Personalizing Digital Pitch

No more cold pitches will yield results. Good media relations form the bread and butter of PR more than ever before.  It is important to cultivate amiable relations with the journalists and editors if you want your content to be published first. Connect with them on social media. Add personal touch to your emails by referring to past stories by a particular reporter.

6. PR Will Need a Broader  Skillset'

PR no longer demands only writing, event planning and maintaining sound media relations. It also demands your proficiency in social media, content marketing and content strategy. As the once fine line between earned and owned media become hazy, you should get better at combining these with paid media for a successful campaign.

7. Be Prepared to Work in Real Time

PR no longer will give you days to express yourself. Gear up for real time responses in order to be in news. Hiring a full-time social media manager is a way to go.

8. Visual Storytelling

Videos enjoy unwavering popularity. According to experts, videos contribute to 74 percent increase in understanding. So incorporate video and other visual tools such as images and slideshows in PR campaigns.

9. Reputation Matters More Than Ever Before

As PR responsibilities evolve further, reputation management assumes a crucial role. The corporate will increasingly rely on PR professionals to protect and enhance their reputation. In light of the recent study by Dr. Jonathan Albright of Elon University, there is significant concern over tarnishing reputation through fake news sources. Given the explosion of online rating websites, there is a need to work even more aggressively towards protecting brands.

10.  Influencer Marketing Will Rule Roost

While consumer trust in advertisements and even in traditional media sources continues to decline, trust in influencers is growing significantly. More organizations and PR agencies leverage influencers as ongoing contributors. Finding authentic advocates who actually connect with their followers and your target audience is a way to go.  

 The author of this opinion article is Ms. Ashita Kulshreshtha at PR Professionals

Monday, 1 May 2017

Role of Public Relations During Crisis

We do have some idea of what PR does so let us discuss about what role PR plays during a crisis. Every organization goes through tough situations as they are vulnerable to crisis and the only way to deal with a crisis is to be prepared else you may incur serious damages. To avoid such situation, every organization has built an in-house PR team or hires PR firm so that they can deal with crisis effectively. PR professionals devise Crisis management plan which is necessary today when news and information are traveling faster than ever.

First, let us define crisis. A crisis is an unplanned event that can cause serious damage to the brand and its reputation. Therefore crisis management is vital for every organization.

Pre- Crisis Plan- PR professionals must be very proactive and should be prepared to deal with the crisis by preparing a crisis management plan in advance with the help of crisis management team.

Media Handling- Everyone is scared of negative news in the media but if handled well, media can prove as the most favorable tool for disseminating the message to the targeted audience.  PR agencies should be in constant touch with journalists and should know how to handle media effectively.

Damage Control- Damage control is primarily about minimizing the negative perception caused by a crisis.  PR professionals play an important role by minimizing the damage done by a crisis by getting back the trust of customer’s base, minimizing loss of sales along with credibility, earning consumer trust and a lustrous public image.

Post-Crisis Analysis- After the crisis has passed; PR professionals should conduct a formal assessment of managing the crisis and should introspect about how such crisis can be managed effectively if it were to occur again in future. 

 The author of this opinion article is Ms. Priyanka Tomar at PR Professionals

Friday, 21 April 2017

An Overview on Public Relations

Most of us have heard this idiom ‘From the horse’s mouth’, it means direct from the source. PR agencies give us this edge over advertisement which has been seen as a tool of marketing. PR Professionals get in touch with the media houses; conduct other public awareness programs which enlighten the masses about an organization and it’s potential. A media report gives veracity to the claim of an organization as media has traditionally been considered as the mirror of truth, it is considered that they would only propagate that which is true.

 PR is considered an effective tool to generate positive opinion about an organization and its work. They are considered effective because the masses consider them to be an opinion of an unbiased nature. Advertisements on the other hand are considered to be the handiwork of some agency hired specifically for the creating attractive, eye ball catching content. Their genuineness is always doubted.

Public Relations campaigns are conducted in a manner that the masses are convinced about the veracity of the facts shared with them. They are made to believe that this information is true and undiluted. The motive behind this is to make each and every individual a brand ambassador of the organization. A PR campaign becomes successful if the target audience starts believing that the information shared with it is true and in that belief he starts propagating the brand unabashedly. Once this is achieved those who listen to his/her version also starts believing that the said organization, product or service is good and can be relied upon. 

      The author of this opinion article is Ms. Sukirti Gupta at PR Professionals 

Monday, 17 April 2017

10 Signs that PR Career is Waiting For You

Everyone is familiar with the term Public Relations. If you are still new to the term, we’ll explain it to you in brief. Public Relation, in simple language, is Relation with the Public. Public Relation is a way that the companies, organizations, and individuals communicate with the public and the media. As a PR specialist, you communicate with the target audience directly or indirectly through media with an aim to create and maintain a positive image to create a healthy relationship with the public on behalf of the company, organization and individual.

If you are wondering where your life is going? If you are a student and are looking for exotic career options or if you have already started working but still looking for a change in the profile. Read our ten points which might be helpful in choosing a better career path for you.

1. Keep a Check on Your Reputation

You always keep a check on what people are saying about you on social media or in public. You look for their approval and likes. You enjoy being in the limelight. This is not an easy task. It’s a very critical step as it defines you; it brings out your unique points in front of the people. You may not be aware of it, but as a PR Professional, you need to do the same thing for your clients and company.

You need to maintain a consistent good reputation of your client in the public domain and media. It is called Brand Management, which is a unique and powerful. This drives or motivates people to identify and engage with your brand.

2. A Born Leader

Leadership is a quality which not everyone is born with; we need to accept this fact. It requires your focus on small things, on critical things; it requires confidence, inspiration, and passion. If you have that quality than Bravo! Your race is already half won by you. If you are the one who always comes up with innovative ideas and lead the groups.

Your new job profile will help you utilize your skills correctly and will give you ample opportunities to grow. Your leadership quality will help you lead the events.

3. Storyteller

Stories touch the minds and hearts. The ability to articulate a story from any product or a profile is the uniqueness of a great salesperson; he/she knows exactly where to hit. A well-crafted story can transform a simple thing into a special and can get attention from the exact target audience.

If you think, you can create stories than the profile might be attractive for you. If you have understood that a picture is worth a thousand words, than you know how to build and sell the story. Your imaginative thinking will help you earn a good salary in the industry. If you can bring out the unique and detailed aspect of that place. Your story telling talent will help you grow in your professional life. As a PR Professional, you will also be creating stories for your clients, to make it publish in media.

4. You Like to Write and Have a Way With Words

Putting your thoughts on paper is the biggest achievement a person can achieve. May be you are the one who maintains a diary, or you express yourself more beautifully when you pen down your thoughts, may be you are the one who likes to provide a detailed aspect of any situation. Written communication with a purpose and good vocabulary is always a gift a writer can give.

If you can generate focused content which is error free, than be ready, you are going to be in high demand. We would like to inform you that as a PR Professionals you are going to write several Press Releases on behalf of your clients.

5. Newspapers and News Channels are a Part of Your Lifestyle

Your morning starts with an extensive reading of the newspaper and watches the prime time news without skipping a detail out it. With time you have developed a nose for news. You keep a track on the current affairs and event all around you and understand the reasoning behind.

As a PR Professional, you need to follow the news regularly and keep a track on all the news.

6. Anyone and Everyone is Your Friend

You keep on updating your friend list. Your friendly nature makes everyone your friend and people love to see you around. Your talkative nature can help you grow in PR field. Always remember, your contacts are a savior for you while working as a Public Relation Officer because you’ll need them frequently.

7. Well Organized and Detail Oriented

If you maintain your to-do list and plans, make your wish list than you try to follow it, this shows how much well organised you are. If you read and re-read directions written on the notice board or what you wrote; shows your detail oriented nature. Your organised and detail-oriented nature will help you from making mistakes, and you’ll not end up falling in troubles.

8. You don’t like doing the same thing every day

If you find routines are boring, there should be a change in the work. You want to enjoy while working, than surely PR job provides you an opportunity to work on multiple things. You go out, interact with your clients and media people. You’ll not find it like a regular boring job; it’ll provide you several opportunities to explore life while working.
You’ll meet new people; you’ll attend several events, conferences and will end up doing what you love – making friends. Hope you are aware that Event Management is a part of your work profile.

9. You Know Who Your Target Audience is

If you perfectly understand your audience, you know whom you want your message to reach, and you always keep a track on your reputation. You are the one who is always careful what your audience is thinking about you than we would like to congratulate you that you are already fit for your next job as a PR professional. To remind you once again, reputation building plays a very crucial role in the PR profession; you need to always work on the reputation building of the clients you are dealing with.

10. Always Busy With Your Gadgets

Are you the one whose phone is always buzzing with notifications? And you are always busy with phone calls, laptops, I pad, messaging, etc. and you never go out without your loving gadgets, no matter where you are.

If you agree with the above points than a bright career path is waiting for you, where you’ll use your all form of media and communication to build and manage the reputation of your clients. PR profession requires your focused attention on social media and content marketing.

      The author of this opinion article is Ms. Sadhna Arya at PR Professionals 

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Image Management in PR

Despite its current popularity, media and image management is not a new concept. Most credible organizations have always taken their reputation seriously, be it brand management or image management, on various platforms of media.

However, the arena has changed fundamentally since media has evolved over time. It has traveled from print to now online. User-generated feedback via social sites and review networks is now common place, and such instant feedback means new challenges and opportunities for every business. 

PR Professionals helps to actively manage the references, conversations, and feedback on the business. Everything which happens online as well as in the offline environment is equally important.

So, what course of action should one take? Basically, having a good defense as well as attack strategy is required. Here are seven key areas one should consider:

  • Brand Monitoring: Depending on the size of your business, lot of people may be talking about your brand online or offline. Irrespective of numbers, it is important that you understand what is being said in the media. For image management in media, it is very important to monitor the media and your brand.

  • Social Media: An important part of image management in media is to project a positive business image. Social media provides an excellent platform for doing so, allowing you to cultivate your desired public personality.

  • Reviews and Recommendations: Every business or brand is open to criticism, and the digital as well as the non digital arena provides the perfect soapbox to air such views. For most companies, this can be a positive thing—an opportunity to showcase glowing endorsements. So, in media reviews and recommendations plays a very important role in image building and managing.

  • Search Engine Dominance: To exude authority, one should aim to appear prominently in search results for key search terms within the industry. The more a customer sees the brand positively in search results, the more they will regard the brand as an important player.

  • Customer Service and Culture: Every interaction with a customer or supplier is potentially being evaluated, so this needs to be communicated internally and image can be taken care of.

  • Brand Advocacy: Who is better to endorse your brand than your best customers? Send your most valued customers free items, invite them to a VIP event, or ask them to take part in company feedback. The likelihood is that they will quite happily talk about their experiences online, projecting a very favorable viewpoint of your brand, resulting in a positive image building in media.

                         The author of this opinion article is Ms. Neeti Jha at PR Professionals   

Friday, 7 April 2017

Creating PR Strategies

It is important for PR Professionals to plan PR strategies in most efficient and strategic way possible since it will help to organize PR activities and build strategic decisions to execute them. Effective PR strategies are a great way to use business stories to lure in the target audience as well as increase business profile and build brand awareness. A good PR strategy involves the following:-

Determine your Goals and Objectives:- For an effective PR strategies it is vital to mark your goals and objectives that you wish to attain. The goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely (SMART). By setting goals, the purpose of the strategy becomes clear which in return will maximize the success rate of the activities conducted by PR professionals.

Target Audience:- It is essential to identify the target audience, since they are the ones who have the power to influence the products or services of the business. Extensive research about their behaviors must be conducted to understand what kind of publication do they read and how do they consume today’s media.

Tactics:- It refers to the various PR activities that are vital for a good PR strategy like distributing press releases, email newsletters, social media campaigns, bogs etc. These activities are essential to attain the PR goals. It is equally important to complete these activities in a timely manner for a systematic and accountable approach.

Key Messages:- Key messages are the core messages you want your target audience to hear and remember. They are an important part of a PR strategy because they can shape your content and communicate a unified message. Best key messages are believable, easy to understand, distinctive, credible and drive your agenda.

         The author of this opinion article is Ms. Guntass Gujral at PR Professionals